Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 The Year of Learning

I learned a great deal about myself this year. I learned about my past. I learned about my future. I learned Heavenly Father is with me in my greatest joys and my lowest lows. My head knew this, but now my heart does. I am a Child of God.

I learned a great deal about others. I learned things I surmised I would ever learn. Sad things. Abusive and unkind things that seem impossible but exist in the mortal world because we humans have agency - the right to choose how we treat others. I learned to do battle. I learned to walk away. I learned who I am not. I am a child of Integrity

Armed with this knowledge I will go forward into 2020 with greater testimony of peace, compassion and unwavering loyalty. I will go forward into rain storms with zero visibility and come out dry on the other side. I will serve the under privileged, the under represented and the under sieged and not falter in need. I am a child of Love.

Penny Lee Soutar
Copyright Dec 31, 2019

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