Sunday, March 15, 2015

God is good.
I awoke on Friday morning, March 13 after visiting with my older brother in my dreams. He passed away 11 years ago. He was young and beautiful, more handsome than he had been in life.
In the dream, he was teasing me and we were laughing. I said to him, "What do you care, you're DEAD anyway."
He replied, "I certainly am DEAD." 
"Are you happy?" I asked.
"Happier than I have every been," he replied. Then we hugged, a great engulfing hug that was much more loving than any hug we shared in life.
I awoke and have been feeling joy and peace ever since. But today, I got smart and looked on Family Search to see if his temple work had by chance been done, since I requested it last month. It had not been done, BUT, his baptism request had been PRINTED yesterday, March 14 and he will soon have that ordinance done. 
God is good. Very, very good.
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