Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014: The Year of Friends

Looking back over the year 2014, I would name it "The Year of Friends."
Friends who comforted me when I needed comfort.
Friends who talked sense into me when I was nonsensical.
Friends who did not judge me when I so harshly judged myself.
Friends who fed me, clothed me and blessed me.
Friends who loved me.
Friends who helped me find myself when lost.
Friends who were slow to anger at my insensitivity.
Friends who confided in me.
Friends who trusted me when I did not trust myself.
Friends who saw my true worth as a daughter of God when I was not sure of it myself.
Friends who reminded me that the Savior, Jesus Christ, had descended below all and would understand me when I did not understand myself.
Friends who continued to teach me that Heavenly Father is the father of all, knows all and gathers all within his arms.

Penny Lee Soutar 
Copyright 2015

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